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Application for the Exhibiton


Exhibition Display

An exhibition display consists of a display area and a demonstration area (optional). All displays will be situated by a consolidated way, and the exhibition area will be on grass.

  • Display Area
    Exhibition DisplayA display area is designed for the display of presented products or for the static presentation of machinery and equipment. Before the Exhibition opens, all display areas will be mowed; on request and at extra cost, a display area may be covered with woodchips or the required volume of woodchips may be prepared.
  • Demonstration Area
    A demonstration area is designed for practical demonstrations of machinery at work. All activities connected with the themeof the Exhibition may be realized here without restriction: soil and ground works, mowing and mulching, wood chipping, etc. As standard, grass approx. 20 cm high will be left on all demonstration areas before the Exhibition opens. On request, part of ademonstration area may be left with grown grass and part mowed. The required volume of wood (round timber, branches) forpractical demonstrations can be prepared at the demonstration area at extra cost.


Documents available

  • Application for exhibitors (electronic application - it can be directly fill in this pdf file)
  • Terms and conditions of participation

To subscribe to the exhibition, please fill out the application and send it to us by post or e-mail. If you have any questions please contact us.


The deadline for applications: Now the last application possibility.


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  • Mini Skid Steer Vermeer CTX100
    Mini Skid Steer Vermeer CTX100

    The CTX100 is equipped with exceptional lift and tipping capacities to efficiently transport materials on tough jobsites.

  • Slope tractor Sauerburger GRIP 4
    Slope tractor Sauerburger GRIP 4

    Its hydraulic all-wheel steering with four different steering options allows very good maneuverability.

  • Mower Kneilmann Zaunkönig
    Mower Kneilmann Zaunkönig

    Very powerful mower for grass underneath fences and all around posts of various circumferences, for loaders and tractors.

  • Electric utility vehicle Goupil G4
    Electric utility vehicle Goupil G4

    The Goupil G4 is offering superior comfort and performance and sets a new standard for electric utility vehicles.

  • Chipper Timberwolf TW 160PH
    Chipper Timberwolf TW 160PH

    Compact, strong and fast chipper with elegant design on single-axle chassis, the maximum diameter of the inserted material up to 152 mm.

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